Project Partners


Masaryk University, Czech Republic, was established in 1918. It is the second largest, oldest and most distinguished university in the Czech Republic, which focuses on quality of teaching and research.

The Department of Foreign Languages concentrates both on educational and research activities and its sections are based on all nine faculties of MU. In providing instructions in English, German, Russian, French and Spanish they concentrate on teaching these languages for academic and specific purposes. The research reflects these needs and they are aimed at analysing specific language skills in the process of teaching and applied linguistics (methodology of teaching a foreign language, materials developments, lexicology, syntax etcc). The team of four ESP teachers (Budíková, Katrnáková, Steflová - Hradilová, Štěpánek) from the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Social Sciences are involved in the project. They are all experienced conference presenters and both ESP teachers and trainers who have taken part in national and international projects. They have several years of experience in teaching legal and business English and in applied linguistics (PhD).They participated in developing Integrated courses of Public Finance in English, European Case Law in English, Refugee Law in English, Presentations in English, Language of Administration, Language and Style of EU documents. In this project, Ms.Katrnáková will be an international project scientific coordinator, Ms Budíková, Ms Šteflová - Hradilová and Mr Štěpánek will concentrate on materials development, course and syllabus design. All of them will take part in piloting, assessment and dissemination process.

Zerotínovo nám.9
Brno 601 77
Czech Republic
Tel.+420 549497770
Fax+420 549496447





The Language and Learning Centre (LLC), University of Wales Aberystwyth, Great Britain, is involved in language teaching for academic purposes to the students of UWA. Many of these students are international studying on a full time basis (undergraduate, postgraduate masters and PhD) and Erasmus exchange (1 or 2 semesters, usually undergraduate).

The nature of language courses offered to students has increasingly focused on the specific development of language skills appropriate to their own fields of study or research. Hence the approaches taken emphasise choice in topics for authentic communication tasks (with Erasmus students often opting to work with topics from their home universities, albeit in a different language). These are seen to afford opportunities for becoming more fluent both linguistically and in the breadth of research available through the linguistic means. The cooperating partner, Mr John Morgan specialises in written and spoken communication for academic and professional purposes and also in uses of the Internet and other interactive technology to further facilitate the scope, authenticity and cultural diversity of such communication tasks.

Ceredigion SY23 3DB
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 1970622545,
Fax +44 1970 622546



Facultat de Ciencies Humanes i Socials, Spain, is a recognized and highly valued faculty in Spanish academic environment. The research group on internet, linguistics and specialized languages has significant expertise in the organization of international conferences relevant for carrying out as well as dissemination of results of the project proposed.

They have recently organized the 2001 International Conference on Languages for Specific Purposes and the 2003 1st International Conference on Internet and Language. They have a wide experience with co-operation with SMEs in their MBA courses. They hold both the methodological and theoretical expertise and experience in working with SMEs. They will evaluate the theory, methodology, materials and course design, syllabus, quality and processes of the outputs/results of the project.

Campus de Riu
Universitat Jaume I
120 71 Castellón


Seven Partners, s.r.l. based in Italy is a private company which operates in a number of countries of European Union. Besides wide co-operation with private entities and SMEs, they have been closely working with public administration in Italy, Czech Republic and Brussels.

They have deep insight into the needs of regional administration while communication internationally with their partners in various networks and also in communication with EU institutions. They have been involved in training in both private and public sectors and they have experience with EU projects. They will evaluate the quality, practicality and processes of the project.

Via Roma 43
int.8 – Udine, Italy
Tel. 0432-504210
Fax 0432-506296


Tart, s.r.o. is an international production company based in the Czech Republic, which has a leading position in the Czech market. They have recently been expanding rapidly abroad. The top management have constantly supported their staff in further language and professional education in order to establish an environment of an international company.

In this company, there is an urgent need for learning how to use advanced communication skills effectively, mainly video conferencing, because it is badly needed for the company communication inside and outside the company, both nationally and internationally. Their staff will participate in the project and will take part in piloting the course, materials and providing feedback.

Tart s.r.o.
Vinohradská 91
Brno 618 00
Czech Republic
Tel.+420 03247647,
Fax .+Fax +420 03247647


IILE, s.r.o. is a private company based in Slovak Republic. The aim and purpose of their enterprise is to create educational platforms that will continually satisfy their clients' diverse needs with regard to exchanging experience, opinions and know-how, and to provide excellent networking opportunities on the international and regional levels.

Through top-notch projects focusing particularly on practical, hand-on experience, they aim to contribute to the development of lifelong professional and cultural education. They will evaluate the contents, practicality, quality and processes of the output of the project.

IILE, s.r.o.
Potočná 6
900 55 Lozorno
Slovak Republic
Tel/fax +420 2 659 688 2


Ceskomoravský cement a.s. is a member of the HeidelbergCement multinational group in the Czech Republic, involved with the market for construction materials in addition to the companies Českomoravský beton, a.s. and Českomoravské štěrkovny, a.s. It is a holding company.

At present it holds the leading position in the Czech market.. As they hold an expertise in using advanced communication technology, their role will be to consult the contents, practicality, quality and output of the project. They will serve as a consultant for carrying out the course and preparation of materials.

Ceskomoravsky cement, a.s.
Nástupnická spolecnost
664 09 Mokrá, Czech Republic
Tel.+420 544 122 186
Fax: +420 544 226 075,